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If It Feels Good, It Is Good!

I will mix your song and bring it to life! I will focus on what makes your song special and highlight these qualities. Your song will sound radio-ready and become highly impactful. I pay very close attention to the details, passion, and energy of your song and am here to keep you excited about it. As a professional musician myself, I understand that this is your passion! I appreciate the deep level of importance that you place on your music.

I strongly believe in affordable rates because I don't want your finances to keep you from reaching your musical hopes and dreams. Preview some of my work below. Reach out and let's talk!

I use a hybrid set-up of analog/digital equipment.  I prefer to consistently work with music of all genres. 


                                                (new studio coming soon!)


-2013 Mac Pro 8-Core 64gb RAM "Trashcan"

-Barefoot Footprint 01 Monitors

-UA Apollo x8p Interface

-Avid C24 Board

-All Universal Audio Unison Preamps

-Full Suite of Universal Audio Plugins, Soundtoys, Waves...etc


-(2) AKG 414 Stereo Pair

-AT-4060 Tube Condensor

-Royer R-121

-Shure Sm-7

-Beyerdynamic M88

-EV RE-20

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